Introducing Joel...

Oh! Oh! Oh! I have a blog! Here I am, old as the hills, and in this rapidly changing world I’m now suddenly hip. Oops, I guess the term “hip” itself probably negates the blog part, doesn’t it?  And I don’t know what word has replaced hip today. Cool? Rad? With it? Smushnup?

Well, anyway let me tell you who I am and why I’ve suddenly been thrust into the 21st Century. But first, does this mean I’m gonna have to get a smart phone and start texting everyone, especially when sitting in a restaurant, driving or in a movie theater?

My name is Joel Rosenblatt and I’ve been in what used to be called The Audio Business (TAB) for 43 years. You know, The Audio Business; listening to music as an activity, all by itself. We’ll talk more about that concept later, but about 15 years ago TAB began evolving into The Audio/Video Business (TAVB) Boy, do we love acronyms in this business or what? I just made these last few up. Rad, huh? As the industry changed, I’ve managed to hang in there and stay up with these rapidly evolving technologies, eventually becoming a bit of an industry expert along the way. In my next post I’ll give you a little of my history.