The HDTV Experts are In

Imagine my surprise when my own brother-in-law (who bought his HDTV from us at Gramophone but chose to install it himself) asked me over to see how ‘great’ his new TV looked. Great isn’t exactly the word I’d use. Dreadful? Appalling? Now we’re getting there. 

I did a little tinkering and discovered that not only was his TV incorrectly set up, it wasn’t even connected to a high definition signal. When my Gramophone team fixed it for him and he got to see REAL high definition for the first time, his face was priceless.

We see this same situation occur over and over again from HDTV owners all over Baltimore. People pay a lot of money for an expensive HDTV, and they don’t get what they paid for. 

Here are the usual reasons why:

  • Improper set-up and calibration of the TV  
  • Improper HDTV connections or no HDTV connections  
  • Lack of surround sound system to achieve the full HDTV audio experience  
  • Lack of high definition disc player and/or set-top box to achieve the full HDTV video experience 

At Gramophone, our team of HDTV experts can help. 

We’ve already helped hundreds get the FULL high definition experience out of their TVs. And we can help you get it too. Whether you purchase your HDTV at Gramophone this holiday or you already own a set, stop in to see what we can do to help you get the real experience. It might be as simple as adding surround sound speakers to give you the audio experience your TV is capable of delivering. It might mean upgrading your old DVD player to a Blu-ray Disc player so you can watch movies in true high definition, or adding one of today’s new digital receivers that will maximize your HDTV’s performance and deliver astounding picture and sound.