Gramophone Gifts: For the Vinyl Enthusiast

Vinyl brings music to life in a way that other mediums cannot. Give the gift of authentic and rich sound to that special someone this holiday. Whether it's for the vinyl expert or the person looking into getting their first turntable, it's easy to find the perfect gift at Gramophone. Here are some of our employees' suggestions for vinyl-inspired gifts!

Vinyl, $15 - $50

Warm up that turntable with records from our eclectic vinyl selection. All of our records come in 180 gram weight for fuller sounds and quality, so you can enjoy the best you can hear from a wide spectrum of artists. And if an album you can't live without is not in stock, order from our salesmen at the the front desk and we'll be sure to deliver.

AudioQuest Record Cleaning Brush, $14.75

Over time, dust and dirt accumulate in the grooves of your records, causing popping and crackling that distorts your sound. AudioQuest's carbon fiber record brush gently removes the debris form your vinyls so that your music stays clear and crisp.

Pro-Ject Phono Box USB V Preamplifier, $199

The Phono Box USB V is an ideal phono preamplifier for both your hifi system and vinyl or line-level recording to PC or Mac. The analogue output can easily be connected to a line-input of your hifi and digitally via USB to your computer and both outputs can be used simultaneously so that you get the best results from any recording.
Available in Black and Silver.

Rega RP-1 Turntable, $445

The minimalist design of the RP1 and the use of extremely high quality components throughout ensure that this amazing product will deliver unrivaled performance for the price. Excellent build quality, reliability and the ease of use of this plug-and-play design, combine to make a product guaranteed to offer a lifetime of musical enjoyment.
Available in White, Titanium Black, and Cool Gray (shown).

Pro-Ject 1Xpression Carbon Classic Turntable, $999

No other entry-level turntable concept is more audiophile, and the current version includes a totally new carbon tone-arm with spin-off "EVO"-technology. Pro-Ject's innovative gimbal design allows for the best performance for any cartridge.
Available in Olive Wood (shown), Mahogany, and Piano Black.

Thorens TD 309, $1,999

The TD 309 sets new standards in analogue replay. The turntable's innovative three-point-suspension (Tri-Balance) ensures perfect balance in both mechanical and aesthetic terms. Form and function work in harmony to make the TD 309 a turntable that is guaranteed to reveal the magic of analogue replay.
Available in Red and Black.