GoldenEar Triton One Review

The GoldenEar Triton One just got one of its best reviews ever. We at Gramophone are obviously fans, but don't just take our word for it; take a read of the latest review by Greg Patan, reviewer at Dagogo and proclaimed audiophile. 

Here's a clip in case you're curious:

"Staying with the Chill Factor track, the bottom end, O the bottom end! Fast, punchy, and textured‐the GoldenEar Triton One really puts distance between it and its competitors here. As if all that goes on above 70 cycles wasn’t enough for a $5K speaker, the Triton One just kills it in the bass. I have heard bass from $50K speakers that would run away in tears compared to the Triton One. Dense and full. Wild Horses from The Rolling Stones suddenly had a new drive and momentum. I cannot count how many excuses I have heard from manufactures about why their latest and greatest roll off the power region. Not so with the Triton One. With a volume knob on the back panel allowing the user to dial in just the right amount of bottom end heft, the Triton One will work in a variety of rooms. Paranoid from Black Sabbath pounded its way out of the Triton One in a way I have not heard since I played bass to the song in my crappy high school cover band."

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