Excellent Review for 802 D3

Gramophone is proud of our vendors, especially with rave reviews like this one for the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Series 802 D3 speaker:

"I'd dearly like to write more but space is limited (in a five page review!) and I'm rather preoccupied listening to these gems! If the 802 D3 is the loudspeaker that carries Bowers & Wilkins' hopes and dreams aloft for another 15 years then the engineers at Steyning can rest easy. It'll take another generation for its competitors to catch up…"

"For a majority of music lovers, the 802 D3 will be something of a dream loudspeaker."

"Bowers & Wilkins' meticulous re-engineering of this iconic floor stander is an outstanding success, redefining the sub-£30k benchmark. The King is dead. Long live the King…"

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