Check out the world of LED TV

At Gramophone, we try to always have the newst technology when it's ready for "prime time". We have on display the latest in HDTV's, flat panel TV's that use LED's for backlighting. We have TV's on display from Sony, Sharp and Samsung that use LED backlights. These can provide a significant performance advantage along with reducing power consumption. There are 2 styles (edgelit and full backlit) and 2 types of LED backlights (white LED and RGB LED).

Edgelit LED TV's allow for a very low profile (about 1" thin) - see the newest Samsung LED TV's at Gramophone. They look really good.

Full backlit TV's allow different areas of the picture to be dymically controlled for even greater contrast. We have Sony and Sharp TV's on display with full RGB LED backlighting. The RGB backlighting allows more accurate control of color temperature, for the most realistic color reproduction and the best picture contrast. For the very best in HDTV you need to check these out.