The BEST home entertainment integrator in the DC Metro Area

We are always excited to receive letters and feedback from clients, but this one takes the cake. A return client wrote one of our salesmen an impressive statement of his gratitude and excitement toward Gramophone and our work. We couldn't be more proud of the letter below!

Dear John,

We certainly have been using our audio systems that we purchased from you at Gramophone about two months ago! This weekend saw the largest use as my two boys were off of school last Friday. It also reminded me of the outstanding sales and installation you and your company provided. I think you remember when you put just two B&W speakers into the ceiling of my old townhome, I told you that I would be calling you for my single family home someday! Well, I remembered you from over 6 years ago, so you made quite an impresssion!

Over the weekend we had three movie nights downstairs in the family room on the NAD/B&W system and the 5.1 sound was fantastic! We used Apple TV and I am constantly reminded why we stay home to enjoy movies. Upstairs in the living room, I have a Rotel/NAD/Totem system. I used this system with my iPhone and Mac Laptop through the Bluetooth connection and with my NAD CD player. The sound quality really excels when I listen to Jazz or Classical. I often read and have music in the background. However, when I put in a Classic Rock CD, I am reminded of the nuanced quality of the system. Also, even though we have a split level, I can have both systems on at the same time and each room still feels separate.

First, I want to thank you for your positive attitude when I was looking for a system for our house. You listened to what I wanted and gave me realistic suggestions for each room. This happened during your initial site survey as well as during a subsequent visit. I think we went through three iterations of your quote, and you were agreeable to using some of my existing components. I really liked how you made me feel a part of the ‘decision team’ right from the beginning. This is in stark contrast to other companies who ‘tell you’ what you should purchase. It also shows me that you are seasoned sales professional!

Secondly, your team of installers were very polite, careful and they made sure to finish the job correctly. We had them out for the entire day and one of your installers stayed late to make sure I set up the NAD receiver in my family room correctly. They caused minimal intrusiveness to my wall and even worked with the painters who were on site. As soon as the front B&W speakers were put into the ceiling, the painters were immediately there to fix the drywall. It is interesting to note that the other installer was actually one from 6 years ago at my townhouse. This longevity in your staff tells me that people like working for your company. It shows in the quality of sales, installation and in the types of products that you sell.

I will certainly recommend Gramophone to any and all people that I know as the BEST home entertainment reseller/integrator in the DC Metro Area! And I will be calling you for periodic upgrades to my current systems as well as any future requirements. 


Mark S.