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AudioQuest has been the largest cable supplier to the high-end specialist market for many years. AudioQuest sells in several hundred outlets in the US and over sixty countries. The company officially started in 1980, but it was just a continuation of what Bill Low, the company founder, had been building up for the previous 18 years. Through a combination of trial and error, listening to the advice of others, and coming up with his own insights, Bill developed innovations that outstripped the top brands in the industry.

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AudioQuest Culture

AudioQuest drives by a passion for product performance. Their products are designed by people with a genuine love of music and film and despite the growth and success, AudioQuest remains a small company at heart that believes you earn business by staying true to your core values.



AudioQuest Four Elements

AudioQuest's foundation is comprised of the following four fundamental ‘elements’ of cable design and manufacture. When deciding on material and construction techniques of cables, the designer determines the cable's capacity to decrease distortion and noise and set the level of performance.

AudioQuest Gramophone Solid Stranded

Solid Conductors

Solid conductors eliminate a fundamental problem caused by stranded conductors, which results in significantly better performance. The trouble with stranded conductors is that the strands on the inside have different electrical values which cause distortion. Magnetic Interaction is the other primary problem in cable design, both with a stranded conductor and between conductors. A magnetic field surrounds a strand that is carrying current. The more powerful magnetic fields associated with the bass notes cause higher frequencies. The advantages of AudioQuest's Solid and Semi-Solid Conductors are a signal that can maintain position and eliminated magnetic strand interaction. As a result, there is less distortion and better performance.


AudioQuest Cabel Metals


The quality of the copper or silver used is another important aspect of good cable design. AudioQuest uses three qualities of copper in its interconnect, speaker and power cables, solid silver in its top-of-the-line cables, and silver-plated copper in its video and digital audio cables.  Advantages of using superior metals are fewer grain boundaries, lower oxygen content, purer metals, less distortion of the signal and better performance.


AudioQuest Counter Spiral Geometry

Counter-Spiral Geometry

Capacitance and inductance are the two most basic values of a conductor. These two variables form a relationship that can greatly influence the quality of the sound. Many conductors are put in parallel positions, but the Counter-Spiral geometry of AudioQuest cables creates a dual spiral shape that significantly improves dynamic contrast and information intelligibility.


AudioQuest Cable Dielectric Insulation

Dielectric - Foamed-Polyethylene Insulation

AudioQuest’s air-filled Foamed-Polyethylene Insulation significantly reduces the incoming energy stored in the materials adjacent to a conductor. Any solid material will absorb energy that can be stored and later released as distortion. Air absorbs little to no energy and so decreases the amount of distortion, creating a low-loss profile with focused sound.

HDMI 4K Compatibility

AudioQuest HDMI 4K Compatibility

As interest and enthusiasm in 4K technology continues to surge, many of our customers continue to have questions regarding cable compatibility. First and foremost among these questions is: Are AudioQuest HDMI cables 4K compliant?

The answer, of course, is Yes.

The single qualification for which an HDMI cable is deemed 4K compliant is its ability to pass 18Gbps. In other words, if an HDMI cable can pass 18Gbps, then it is compatible with 4K.

"All AudioQuest HDMI cables, up to 8.0m, are capable of achieving data rates of 18Gbps (or greater). Thus, all AudioQuest cables, up to 8.0m, are compatible with 4K."

High-Speed Data Capacity

Every AudioQuest HDMI cable up to 10 meters can meet or exceed the maximum data rate for HDMI, meaning that the cables can transmit 100% of the data for any HDMI audio or video feature.




BEETLE - A modern DAC for the modern world

audioquest beetle dac

Optimizes smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs, gaming consoles, media streamers, and more.

The Beetle is a multi-purpose DAC for today’s many different lifestyles. Capable of delivering naturally dynamic, uncompressed music via its high-performance optical or asynchronous USB inputs, Beetle adds exceptional convenience and surprisingly beautiful sound through its asynchronous Bluetooth technology.

Some will see Beetle as the perfect complement to a TV’s optical audio output—often the only audio output provided on a modern HDTV—while others will want to use it as a major sonic upgrade for their favorite media players or gaming consoles.

Still, others will take full advantage of Beetle’s asynchronous USB input to enjoy clean, clear, naturally beautiful sound from any laptop or computer.

But why choose one or the other? With Beetle’s asynchronous Bluetooth technology, you can wirelessly stream music from your mobile device, while surfing the web, checking Facebook updates, or sending an email.

Now there are more great ways to enjoy the superior sound of an AudioQuest DAC!



AudioQuest’s DragonFly USB Series is an award-winning, compact DAC that can plug directly into your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. This new technology is a digital-to-analog converter, preamp, and headphone amp all combined into a convenient and compact drive. Great for both audiophiles and the more mainstream music lovers, Dragonfly technology creates a beautiful and crisp listening experience for an affordable price.

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NightHawk uses a loudspeaker design to create a unique and intimate headphone-listening experience. The Liquid Wood earcup enclosures integrate support beams that improve structural integrity, allowing for cleaner and clearer sound.

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This simple and easy to use technology is everything you need to get rid of the extra noise and ringing that afflicts USB data and power lines. AudioQuest’s Jitterbug filters out RFI and EMI interference using a dual-discrete noise dissipation circuit that allows for better dynamic contrast and resolution. Just plug it in and instantly improve your audio quality.

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