Choose Your Experience

  • The Dedicated Home Theater
  • The Best Surround Sound
  • Go Big Or Go Home

We know how it feels walking past mysterious double doors into a giant dedicated home theater. With elevated risers, luxurious theater seating and a 140" screen, it's hard not to feel like a theater champion. With rich decor and elite audio and video systems, you can create an artful viewing haven or a great space to entertain your friends and family.

Amp up your theater with awesome sound. We offer the best quality surround speakers, including hidden in-wall speakers and subfloor woofers to keep your theater sleek and inviting. With new technologies like Dolby Atmos and three-dimensional surround sound, we guarantee we can bring professional big-screen sound to your home.

Turn your theater experience into a multiroom heaven with a multipurpose room and audio zones. Don't miss any part of the storyline as you walk to your nearby wet bar - choose audio whether from music or movies to follow you wherever you go with multiroom audio. Expand the viewing experience with an open theater plan, automated lighting scenes, and more with Gramophone.