Kaleidescape DVD Movie Player

This is my favorite “wow” toy of all time. And I use the term “toy” lightly because the Kaleidescape DVD Movie Player is one of the most powerful and well-designed machines we’ve seen at Gramophone.

Kaleidescape is a hard drive that stores DVDs, allowing you to access your library through a powerful and easy-to-use on-screen display. You can sort your entire movie collection right on screen by the DVD jacket, title, director, actors, genre – any categorization you would like. You can mark movies by family member, skip right to the start of the movie, pause and restart exactly where you left off days later. It’s fast, fun and so cool; if you want to make your friends’ jaws drop, you’ve got to get Kaleidescape. We’ve installed Kaleidescape at both Gramophone showrooms so you can come in at any time for a demo.

Happy watching,