Illuminating Information

  • The Importance of Lighting
  • Energy Conservation
  • Motorized Shades

Thanks to today’s technology, lighting control can start with basic dimming and switching and eventually be integrated into a full home automation solution to work in conjunction with automated shades, security and even a home entertainment system. Enhance your security with light timers for driveways and sidewalks, or enhance your lighting schemes to set the mood for parties or a better night's rest.

While standard lights only save energy when they are turned off, controlled lights and dimmers save money all of the time. That applies not only to incandescent lights, but also to all lighting sources, including LED bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and halogen lamps. On average, dimming any type of light source can reduce energy bills by roughly 20%; using occupancy sensors saves up to 50%; and the combined use of dimmer and sensors can save up to 60%.

Take advantage of motorized shades for privacy, security, energy conservation, temperature regulation, and more. Save time with the touch of a button that controls all the shades in your house when you leave for vacation, or even for work in the morning. Even protect your furnishings by selectively closing certain shades to block light from leather or other sensitive fabrics.